This Is For You If

  • YOU feel like your life is cluttered and you don't have space for anything new
  • YOU feel disconnected in your community, friendships and relationships
  • YOU are too dependent and reliant on 'the system' and the established ways of living
  • YOU feel divorced from your nature and more natural ways of living


  • YOU want more space in your life
  • YOU want to establish more meaningful relationships and feel connected with your community
  • YOU want learn more about more independent and sustainable ways of living (getting off the grid)
  • YOU want to get more comfortable living and with nature
  • YOU are ready to overcome your fears and inhibitions
  • YOU are ready to take that next step in your evolution
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You Will Learn

  • How your environment impacts your life
  • How to create space and organise it, to serve a deeper purpose
  • The importance of the natural world in sustaining your growth and nourishment
  • How to take your rightful place in your community and connect with others on a deeper level


  • What the word 'environment' refers to and why it's so important in shaping the human experience
  • Practical skills that you can apply to your own home, creating space and getting organised
  • How to overcome your fears and discomfort, to deepen your appreciation and understanding of the natural world, all of creation, and your place in it.


  • A deeper understanding of your immediate environment
  • The tools and skills to reshape your habitat
  • The courage to confront and conquer your fears and what's holding you back
  • The tools and skills to better manage your space and your relationship with others
  • The tools and skills to be more intentional with your choices
  • The tools and skills to maintain balance and bring your life into greater alignment
  • Clarity on your place in the natural world and a guide for developing your practice further - continuing your growth, learning and development.

Our People Love Us

I really thought I'd be surrounded by a bunch of hippies that had no idea about the practicalities of the real world, but I was hugely mistaken.


In a few days I have learned more than I had during the past years.


Michael Dahdal has managed to find the perfect environment in which people can awaken their true potential without losing their own self-identity! My experience with My Chi journey has been empowering, I highly recommend to anyone who needs to find the answers within themselves

BETTY BYERS - United States

Your Instructors

MICHAEL DAHDAL / Australia / Our founder, Michael, has devoted decades to unearthing ancient insights across cultures, while building a multinational career developing high-performance athletes and systems.

This unique experience gives him the skillset to establish conditions that provoke and sustain meaningful change. His methods are designed to provide you with the insights, skills and focus to set you on the path towards something greater. His approach is designed to help you activate the things you may already know, turning it into a way of life, expressed through consistent good practice.

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How many times have you felt cluttered, like everything was chaotic and out of your control?

Get back to the basics and put things back in order!

Busy has become the new war cry, often distracting ourselves just enough so we don't have to face up to the reality of our condition, avoiding life, real life, because we're afraid of what we might see or what we're called to do.

It's when you strip away the non essentials that you start to appreciate and see the real value in things and in people. And it's only when you make space, that new potential is created.

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.."

How many times have you felt lost, disconnected and not sure where you fit in or what you should be doing?

Everything in this world has a purpose, a uniqueness that takes its rightful place in creation. Knowing where you fit in, your purpose, where you should be and what you need to do, will bring everything within and around you into perfect clarity and eventually into harmony.

Whether it's about relationships, community, eating healthier or being more active, managing space, or just changing the way you approach things, what you actually DO is what will ultimately make all the difference.

Where and When


Mala Dhara Organic Farm, Chiang Mai, Thailand
5 - 11 November 2022 7 days / 6 nights


Mala Dhara Organic Farm is a boutique eco village of just 7 rooms in
Doi Saket outside Chiang Mai offering the perfect backdrop to experience real rural living.

Mala Dhara Chiang Mai is an Eco Resort & Organic Farm that embraces simplicity and getting back to basics: organic farming, pure plant based vegan foods, earth designs and “quality to the source” in all choices.

Mala Dhara offers understated stays to get off the grid and out of the hustle of the big cities.

It provides the perfect backdrop for an experience that combines organic living, physical movement, play and getting comfortable with the ruggedness that nature can often deliver.

This experience provides you with the opportunity to challenge yourself and your limitations to move towards deep learning, grounded in rich experience.

I'm Interested

What's Included

This is a rare 7-day experience delivered by Michael Dahdal
the founder and creative force behind My Chi Journey.

Specially curated Idō Workshops delivered

by Michael Dahdal

A focus on physical movement, including

physical and mental practice

Participation Yi Peng Festivities (Festival of Light) held in the midst of Chiang Mai in November.

Tailored plant based (farm to table) breakfast and dinner daily prepared by in-house chefs

  • Full 7-day / 6-night Immersive Experience
  • 6-night exclusive stay at Mala Dhara Organic Farm
  • Herbal Sauna's Daily
  • 1 x Personal 1 on 1 (30 min) coaching session with Michael

I am thankful for having met some of the most brilliant minds and purest hearts there are. Go with an open heart and mind and you will leave with a more intentional sense of direction and an amazing support system. I left feeling serene, light, focused, and ready to get back on track...


I can’t believe how much I got out of this retreat. It completely exceeded my expectations, helped me move forward with my life, and I can’t thank Michael and the team enough...

ANNA DOUGLAS - United Kingdom