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This Is For You If

  • YOU are ready to let go and are in need of renewal!
  • YOU are going through a transition and preparing for new beginnings
  • YOU are interested in experiencing how life and death are commemorated across cultures
  • YOU want to confront fear and be prepared to face up to everything life has to offer!


  • YOU want to gain greater clarity around the meaning and purpose of your own life
  • YOU are ready to conquer your fears and start living
  • YOU want to make the most of the time here and now
  • YOU want a unique cultural experience with depth, warmth and festive celebrations
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You Will Learn

  • How you can embrace the natural cycles to usher in rebirth and renewal
  • How to begin to confront and conquer your deepest fears
  • How meaning and purpose presents in your life in the context of endings and new beginnings
  • The intimate relationship between life and death and why one is not possible without the other


  • The significance of Dia de Muertos in Mexican Culture (from indigenous roots to catholic traditions) 
  • How embracing endings allow you to truly embrace of Life
  • How you relate to the idea of death in the context of your own life (from limitations and fears to opportunity and resolution)
  • To explore ideas about what happens to the soul after death, reflecting on different traditions


  • A clear understanding of your own beliefs about life
  • The skills you need to confront and conquer your fears
  • A deep understanding of the intimate relationship between life and death
  • Key insights into different religious and cultural traditions
  • A look into the symbolic nature of death in life and how that applies to you
  • Practical tools that allow you embrace renewal and to learn let go
  • Memorable experiences and new like minded friends!

Our People Love Us

I really thought I'd be surrounded by a bunch of hippies that had no idea about the practicalities of the real world, but I was hugely mistaken.


In a few days I have learned more than I had during the past years.


Michael Dahdal has managed to find the perfect environment in which people can awaken their true potential without losing their own self-identity! My experience with My Chi journey has been empowering, I highly recommend to anyone who needs to find the answers within themselves

BETTY BYERS - United States

Your Instructor

MICHAEL DAHDAL / Australia / is the founder and creative force behind My Chi Journey.  He has over two decades of experience working in sports, education and international development in some of the worlds most diverse and challenging environments. He is a graduate in Applied Science and holds a post graduate Masters Degree in Education, bringing a completely fresh approach, by combining his experience in high performance sports environments with insights from culture and ancient wisdoms, to equip individuals with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours to overcome challenges, excel and win at life. 

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What if you could invite your loved ones back? what would you do? What do you tell them?

What if the physical death was not the end?

What if what you did in this life, really mattered? How would that affect how you approached your daily life?

What if there was something beyond this world?

What if I told you that you could enter into that realm and experience what is on the other side?

How many times have you experienced sadness when something comes to an end?

Endings are a natural part of life, in this world at least, everything is temporary, it's the one fact you can't escape. It's the one thing we share in common. So what do we do about that? How do you make sense of it?

There is a natural sadness that sets in at a moment of separation, but with death also comes new life. There is a way out, there is a light, there is a process that can heal and set you free - putting you on the path to eternal bliss.

Where and When


Grana BnB, Oaxaca City, Mexico
28 Oct - 3 Nov 2021 7 days / 6 nights


Grana BnB is a boutique hotel with just 12 rooms
located conveniently right in the centre of the Old Town of Oaxaca

Set in an 18th century mansion renovated and decorated with a touch, Grana is an ode to Oaxaca, to daydreamers, and to wandering poets who've decided to turn their lifestyle into art.

Named after the famous "grana cochinilla" that was once the gold of Oaxaca, Grana allows the botanical elements of pre-hispanic dye inspire them in the architecture of the rooms and common spaces.

This is an experience that combines rich culture, colour and celebration, with deep insights into the nature of life, death and the world beyond.

Viewed through a uniquely Mexican lens, giving you the experience, insights, tools and skills you need to not only confront your fears of death, but also conquer your fear of life.

I'm Interested

What's Included

This is a rare 7-day experience delivered by Michael Dahdal
the founder and creative force behind My Chi Journey.

Specifically designed daily workshops and reflections providing full context - guiding you to embrace the fullness of what Life has to offer you

Culturally rich experience of "Dia De Los Muertos" (The Day of The Dead) including the opportunity to prepare your own alter

All excursions and activities outlined in the itinerary
Including visits to a Mezcal Distiller, Natural and Cultural Sights

Tailored breakfast and dinner daily to experience the unique flavours of local cuisine

  • Intimate 7-day / 6-night Immersive Experience
  • 6-night exclusive stay at Grana BnB in Central Oaxaca
  • Breakfast and Dinner Daily
  • Daily reflections to bring the full experience into proper light

I am thankful for having met some of the most brilliant minds and purest hearts there are. Go with an open heart and mind and you will leave with a more intentional sense of direction and an amazing support system...


I can’t believe how much I got out of my experience with My Chi Journey. It completely exceeded my expectations. I can’t thank Michael and the team enough...

ANNA DOUGLAS - United Kingdom